Get Strong. Be Strong. Stay Strong.

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Anyone can make you tired, we can make you better.

“Jay’s focus on fine body mechanics is a rare find.”

-Laura L.

“I’m addicted to Pilates which I started 10 years ago with Mien.”

-Lawerence R.

“Midline is an authentic, well-designed, inspiring atmosphere focused on really building the best training regimen for your physical/athletic ability.”

-Leela D.

“Jason’s 15+ years of study and use of evidence-based research¬†and his positive, hard-working, supportive nature, make him an outstanding go-to provider for strength, conditioning and recovery from injury!”


“Midline is quiet, intimate and the owners are dedicated fittnessphiles that are happy to help you.”

-Jeff S.

“Mien and Jay are among the very best.”

-Laura B.

“Mien is the Pilates maven.”

-Barbara H.

“I can only say amazing things about the fitness training my wife and I received at Midline.”

-Charles M.

“Jason helped me see more results in the first four weeks than in my previous year of training.”

-Sven E.