Name:    Jason Kajdasz

   From:     Buffalo, New York

  School:  State University of New York at Binghamton, 

                    Golden Gate University

   Degree: B.S. Psychobiology (Dual Major)

                     Biology and Psychology w/ Chemistry Minor

                     M.A. Industrial/Organizational Psychology

  Certification:  American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM):

                               Certified Personal Trainer

                               Certified Exercise Physiologist

                               Certified Pre/Post-Natal - Center for Women’s Health


    Position:  Owner, Personal Trainer


“Personal training” is a general term that describes the participation of a professional in your training program. What makes personal training specific to you is the degree to which you use these services. Every individual has the need to interact with their trainer in a very specific way. It is one of the many aspects of training that I find interesting. Some individuals prefer that I facilitate almost all aspects of their training while others may need support in just one facet of their program. 

Talking with a trainer specifically about what you are trying to accomplish is a great idea. I welcome this initial conversation as an opportunity to explore what, if any, your training needs are and the possible ways in which I can assist you. 

I have been a professional trainer since 2002. I draw heavily on my education in the sciences to better understand the body and brain’s role in training. Physiology, chemistry and nutrition are some of my favorite topics of study and I enjoy teaching the finer points of these areas.

I use training to strengthen neuromuscular communication, develop stability in the body and efficiency in movement. I program for cardiovascular fitness, strength, body composition and flexibility. I enjoy working with those that are at a novice level as well as highly experienced athletes.