Name: Michelle Kinny

   From:  Charlotte, North Carolina

  School: Florida State University

   Degree: B.F.A in Dance

  Certification:  Certified STOTT PILATES® Level 1 & Level 2

  Position:  Pilates Instructor


STOTT PILATES® Fully Certified on all Equipment Level 1 & Level 2

As a dancer and rock climber, I have experienced a variety of injuries throughout the years, but chose to use Pilates to help with the healing process, through pain management and creating balance in the body.

While living in New York City I studied different styles of the Pilates method but, ultimately favored STOTT PILATES® because of its anatomical basis and injury-prevention component. Before relocating to San Francisco, I had the opportunity to work in an orphanage in Huancayo, Peru, teaching dance and yoga. 

Drawing upon my extensive dance and movement background, I give well-rounded full-bodied workouts with a sense of humor and lightheartedness. I enjoy motivating individuals through appropriately challenging exercises, using the conjunction of mind and body, to reach the next fitness level. Working with people of all different ages and abilities, I encourage individuals to reach their fitness goals, improving strength, posture, and alignment through Pilates.

Because each and every body is structured differently, I understand the benefits of designing workouts tailored for the individual, which allows for optimal progression. My unique experience enables me to work with a broad range of clients, including those with injuries and special needs such as knee replacements, disk herniations, labral tears, scoliosis, thoracic outlet syndrome, arthritis, and chronic low back pain.