Name:   Mien Luong

  From:     Nongkai, Thailand

  School:  San Francisco State University 

   Degree: B.S. Kinesiology with emphasis in

                     Exercise Science and Fitness


   Certification: American Counsel on Exercise (ACE):

                              Certified Personal Trainer

                              Certified Advance Health & Fitness

                              Certified STOTT PILATES® Level 1 & Level 2

                              Certified Pre/Post-Natal - Center for Women’s Health


  Position: Owner, Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer


I have a passion for fitness, health and wellness. I strive to find a balance between physical and mental strength. I am dedicated to promoting a healthier lifestyle and sculpting an active life.  I have been formally developing fitness programs catered to individual men and women since 2002. My personal training is customized for both aerobic endurance and anaerobic exercise. I specialize in core strengthening, fundamental training, balance training, flexibility, rehabilitation, weight loss and conventional resistance training for changing body composition.

Since 2005 I have been formally teaching Pilates focusing on stability training, postural alignment, strengthening and lengthening the muscles that support the core and rehabilitation.  Pilates is the control of movement that will build mind-body awareness for the individual.

I also specialize in Pre/Postnatal Pilates. I believe in preparing the body for a healthy pregnancy and in rehabilitation after birth. Prenatal Pilates works specifically with the muscles that support the body as one goes through the stages of pregnancy. These muscles help support the growth of the baby and strengthen the muscles to support the proper postural alignment of the mother. Postnatal Pilates works on rehabilitating the muscles that have gone through stress during the birthing process and continuing to strengthen the core muscles that support the torso.

I believe that Pilates builds the fundamentals of movement and in conjunction with personal training can help individuals achieve their goals in the most proper and efficient manner.